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Coconut Rugs

unique Designed of Coconut rugs

These natural rugs come in an assortment of sizes and designs so you can find the ideal addition for any area. These rugs, composed of natural coir yarn and woven in Asian-inspired patterns, are both visually appealing and soft underfoot. Plus, because the product is entirely natural, you may feel good about your purchase and its environmental impact. Upgrade your home decor with a coir rug today. Because of its inherent flexibility, coir fiber may be woven into robust, finely textured carpets with an earthy, rustic aesthetic.


The coconuts from a single tree can be used to gather coir, a sustainable resource, year after year. Coir manufacture is still mostly done by hand; therefore it has a lower environmental impact than many mass-produced floors and carpets. Additionally, the fibers themselves are disposable and biodegradable. We are proud to provide environmentally friendly flooring options.

Unique Customization

Use our Custom Coir Mat option to create a statement. Select a design that embodies your own style, or add your logo for complete customization. Your identity is extended by these rugs. Select our Custom Coir rugs right away to turn your area into something genuinely remarkable. If you have any questions or want to discuss your unique customization needs, please contact our specialized staff.

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