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SPC Flooring

Although SPC vinyl flooring is also utilized in homes, it’s one of the greatest substitutes for floors that get a lot of foot activity in places like hotels and workplaces. This term, which stands for Solid Polymer Composite, describes the composition of the material, which is more robust than regular vinyl due to the stabilizers and limestone in its core.

Can SPC Flooring Replace Vinyl Flooring?

SPC flooring sets itself apart with its unparalleled rigidity and sturdiness, which come from its special stone-plastic combination. This increased resilience translates to outstanding defense against dents and damage, even under heavy weight or force. It’s an attribute that distinguishes SPC flooring sharply from traditional vinyl alternatives.

Is WPC Flooring the Same as SPC Flooring?

Another common option to consider when looking into resilient flooring is WPC, or wood plastic composite. Similar to SPC, WPC has a very strong core made of plastic composites and wood pulp. While the two alternatives are comparable in that they are both durable and weather resistant, there are a few key variances between them.
The fundamental makeup is where the main distinction is found. Superior hardness and stability are provided by the stone-based core of SPC, which increases its resistance to shocks and temperature fluctuations. On the other hand, WPC is more sound-absorbing and feels softer underfoot, making living spaces quieter.

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