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Cow Hide

Cowhide Rug is an affordable way to bring the beauty of handmade crafts into your home. It can be made with any color or design you want; ensuring that it not only matches but complements whatever style decorates yours. Cowhide Rug is woven and dyed using advanced technology, durable enough to withstand the test of time. This beautiful accessory will make a great statement in any living room while adding texture alongside its complementing color palette – perfect for bedrooms too. It can be used not just as an entryway rug but also as a bathroom mat if desired due to the excellent water absorption properties that enable easy cleanup after use.

Personalized Care for Cowhide Rugs

We can design your ideal rug using unique cowhide treatments such as animal-print stencils, acid washes, and natural or vivid dyes, whether you want a conventional speckled cowhide rug or a dyed pink zebra cowhide rug. In addition to being excellent area rugs, cowhide rugs also make wonderful wall hangings, curtains, throw blankets, and upholstery.

Unique Cowhide Rugs

No two cowhides are alike, even if they are twins, thus another advantage of decorating with cowhide is that no one else will have the exact same rug as you. Cowhide rugs are not only fashionable but also incredibly strong and, with proper maintenance, may survive for many generations, making them the ideal family legacy.
Even if your children and pets cause a lot of foot traffic, this rug will withstand it and still appear brand new. To care for your cowhide rug, just dust with a dry cloth or vacuum away any debris. Additionally, there’s no need for an expensive or intricate cleaning procedure.

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